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Mails Strategy Secret #1

The Prospect Pre-Sell Strategy

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As an aspiring Super affiliate in training. you’ll quickly discover that your prospects are often quite resistant to Mega Launches due to getting pounded with several similar pitches from multiple lists simultaneously.








What’s more, is that until you’ve built up some serious rapport over time, your subscribers will typically view you as yet another huckster going for the quick buck. So how can you avoid this? You can start by “priming the pump” very early in a subtle manner.

• Step 1: Email your list members as far ahead of time as possible, and let them know not to buy the product until after you get the chance to honestly review it as the end user. While that certainly doesn’t seem like a sales pitch, it stealthily sets you up for one.

• Step 2: Once you’ve actually purchased your copy, you’ll then send them a broadcast email letting them know you’re in the process of going through it, and to stay tuned for the juicy details (or similar).

• Step 3: After you’ve made the time to thoroughly digest it, then create a brutally honest Pro’s / Con’s review of it on your blog. Naturally, this should also include why you sincerely believe it will help solve one or more problems for your subscribers.

• Step 4: Then send them a broadcast email letting them know you’ve posted your review.

Hot Tip: To make this work like total gangbusters, send out no more than three broadcast emails within a week spaced at least two days apart. Also be sure to include a valuable “thank you for reading” gift link (in each P.S) as you deftly deploy the following Unique Bonus Strategy…

Now I only pay for my autoresponder subscription fee. That’s it!… It’s the ONLY monthly investment I make.

Believe me! Imagination is the key here.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it!…”

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