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Mails Strategy Secret #2

The Unique Bonus Strategy

All-in-one software

The Unique Bonus Strategy When climbing the Super Affiliate ranks, you’re literally selling the exact same product as everyone else. As such, you must set yourself apart from all the other Affiliate Marketers. Bluntly, you have to provide the best bonuses for those who purchase through your link.

For example, creating a valuable (physical) CD-Rom that helps solve problems within your niche will massively set you apart from your competition. Industry Leader, Kunaki.com makes print-on-demand CD-Roms a breeze. What’s more, is that their prices are quite reasonable ($5.40, at the time of this writing, and even includes shipping anywhere in the world).

The media is the highest grade in the industry, and they’re PayPal-friendly, as well. A nice bonus like this does require a bit of forethought… but it will be so completely different from anything else people used to see.

Hot Tip: To make this work like total gangbusters, send out no more than three broadcast emails within a week spaced at least two days apart. Also be sure to include a valuable “thank you for reading” gift link (in each P.S) as you deftly deploy the following Unique Bonus Strategy…

Now I only pay for my autoresponder subscription fee. That’s it!… It’s the ONLY monthly investment I make.

Believe me! Imagination is the key here.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it!…”

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