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CopyBlocks Special Offer & Huge Bonus! Are you looking for more information about CopyBlocks before making a decision, in order to assess its strengths and weaknesses? Is it possible that your time, effort, and money will be well spent? Let’s have a look for it:

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Vendor:Dr. Ifiok NKEM
Launch Date:2021-Sep-10
Launch Time:11:00 AM EST
Front-End Price:$47 Or Bundle – $247
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Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

Table of Content:

What Is CopyBlocks?

Since there have been many changes in recent years, a great number of companies are having difficulty transitioning into the digital realm. A massive change occurred as a result of the disease, and even now, efforts are on to implement the results of that change.
Content creators, freelancers, and agencies are where the money is, since they have been invaluable to clients that value their ability to communicate well.

The big winners here are – copywriters. 

Copywriting is, hands down, the most crucial aspect of internet marketing because it is needed for all types of digital media: video production, social media ads, web design, and blogging.
These poor freelancers use templates that are outdated and “unimaginable” pricing that leave their customers without a product that’s adequate to convert. We all wish we were somewhere else.

To help you overcome this issue, I am offering this software that can assist you regardless of your writing skill level. I have here, CopyBlocks.

CopyBlocks is a Real A.I.Based App that writes stunning marketing copies and web content. It uses advanced marketing technologies like A-I-D-A & P-A-S that generate guaranteed-to-convert copies in less than 60 seconds.

With CopyBlocks, you can create and sell copy for Sales Pages, Social Ads, Websites, Blogs, and Company Profiles. 

The Only A.I. Powered Copywriting App That Comes With Built-In Advanced Marketing Frameworks:

AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action) & PAS (Problem – Agitate – Solve)

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

Key Features & Benefits

We see copywriting literally every day and everywhere we find ourselves. We see copywriting on product ads, videos, ebooks, podcasts, and even emails we receive. In the business world today, words hold power. It can either make or mar the service you offer. 

Writing a great copy is important because it doesn’t just help you convince your target audience, but also can help you generate profit and earn you a return on investment. 
If you can explore the power of copywriting, then you should be ready to sail in the ocean of financial success. 

This is why CopyBlocks is a timely piece of software you need to put into consideration today…There is nothing like it on the market, anywhere, at any price.

Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY by the amazing UNIQUE and never seen before features listed below. Here’s Exactly What You Are Going To Get With CopyBlocks:

  • 50+ Copywriting Skills With Human-Like A.I: Whatever the business niche, CopyBlocks creates custom content to fit the bill. The Artificial Intelligence-powered tool generates high-level human-like copies. So with CopyBlocks, it is so similar to that of expert copywriters.
  • Expert Marketing Using AIDA Framework: If you are a marketer in the 21st century, you already know the importance of the AIDA Framework. CopyBlocks understands the psychology of buyers & creates copies that follow their cognitive methodology, making sure it works every single time!
  • Persuasive Writing Using PAS Framework: CopyBlocks simplifies the uphill task that is content creation that is required across digital platforms. It builds communication on the Problem-Agitate-Solution method increasing overall persuasion of the copy. Imagine not having to brainstorm to create converting copies.
  • Better Copies With The Content Improver: Have content that you may have written earlier or commissioned a freelancer to write and doesn’t work anymore, isn’t relatable, has become outdated, or simply doesn’t convert? Now, you can insert pre-written content & let us rewrite it in a way that makes it attractive, better-sounding & converting!
  • Longer Text With Built-In Sentence Expander: Were you one of those students who found it hard to write long essays? No worries. Tell us what you want to write in a few words & let us take care of the rest. Our text expander explains the summary in a long, logical & interesting manner compelling visitors to read. It also increases SEO rankings & the trust factor.
  • Perfect Title With The Headline Expert: A book is always judged by its cover. Make the headline of your marketing copy eye-catching & relatable to make sure that your target audience actually reads the rest of the marketing copy. Now you don’t have to research or think of headlines that will “work” because you can simply click a button and generate them in a jiffy!
  • Universal Acceptance Thanks To The Quick Translator: A copywriter may know only one language but CopyBlocks knows 120+ languages. Now reach out to global audiences by simply pasting content & selecting the preferred language…within seconds generate your marketing copy in an entirely new language!
  • Higher Rankings Using The Keyword Generator: Now enjoy higher SEO rankings all thanks to our surferseo.com integration. It is a built-in association that helps optimize your content to pop up higher when searched across engines. Say goodbye to “SEO-experts” cause we’ve got you covered with the use of just the right keywords.
  • Effective Brand Voice Courtesy Tone Adjuster: Set the tone for your content just the way you like it. Serious for grim situations, fun for festivities & lots of other options to suit every occasion.

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

How Does It Work?

The CopyBlocks programme gives you the ability to make and sell a wide variety of content, which can be used in a variety of ways: for sales pages, social ads, websites, blogs, and company profiles. You’re going to be surprised. These 3 simple steps will get the job done:

Step1: Enter Product Name & Description

Step2: Select The Type Of Marketing Copy & Tone

Step3: A.I. Generates 100% Original Marketing Copy (Use In Your Business Or Sell To Your Clients For BIG Profits)

It can either be used in your company or you can generate huge profits by selling it to your clients. Believe me, I’m not joking: copywriters are highly sought after, and this tool will qualify you to become one and help you earn more than $100,000 a year.

Full Demo & Review

Watch It All In Action

What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose. Try It Now And You’ll Also Get The Exciting Bonus here.

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

Complete Upgrades

Front End (FE):

CopyBlocks – $47 (One-Time) or Bundle – $247

CopyBlocks is a Real A.I.Based App that writes stunning marketing copies and web content. It uses advanced marketing technologies like A-I-D-A & P-A-S that generate guaranteed-to-convert copies in less than 60 seconds. With CopyBlocks, you can create and sell copy for Sales Pages, Social Ads, Websites, Blogs, and Company Profiles. 

  • INSTANTLY GENERATE Profitable & High-Converting Marketing Copy In Seconds
  • 1-CLICK TRANSLATE Your Marketing Copy Into Over 120+ Languages
  • SAVE MONEY & TIME. 200X Cheaper Than Professional Writers AND 500X Faster Than Humans
  • EASY TO USE. No Coding Or Writing Skills Required
  • CREATE 100% Original ‘Plagiarized-Free Content’ Each Time You Click On Generate
  • SELL MORE With The Built-In Feature → Benefit Converter Engine
  • TOTAL CONTROL Over The Tone Of Your Marketing Copy To Match Your Brand’s Voice
  • FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE Included To Help You Start Your Own Professional Copy-House


CopyBlocks Unlimited – $97 For 1 year

Users get access to create unlimited copies, unlimited projects and unlimited downloads. You also get access on how to train the AI to write the way you want it to write. 


CopyBlocks Pro – $67

With this upsell, you get access to more Copy Categories like:

  • Email Writer (Sales & Cold Emails)
  • Sentence improver
  • Simplify Sentence
  • Expand Sentence
  • 20 new categories coming in the next few months

You also get faster speed of copy generation, graphics design software, and priority VIP support. 


CopyBlocks Agency – $47

User gets access to everything they need to start a widely successful copywriting agency business;

  • Stunning ready-made video Agency website
  • Irresistible Proposal (Ms Word & Powerpoint)
  • Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence
  • Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts for videos
  • Print-ready commercial Graphics templates for video services (business card, letterhead, invoice, trifold brochure)
  • 4 DFY Facebook ad creatives
  • DFY web banners & google ads
  • DFY legal contract vetted by an attorney


Digital Marketing Agency Success Package – $67

Get Instant Access To TEN Full-Blown Digital Marketing Service Kits & provide high in-demand digital marketing services to your NEW & EXISTING clients.


Whitelabel – 10 & 50 Accounts $347 – 50 accounts

When you upgrade to the whitelabel package, you can fully rebrand CopyBocks as your own – add your logo, your own name and sell under your own domain.

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

CopyBlocks – Why should you buy it Right Now?

  • CopyBlocks uses powerful marketing frameworks like AIDA & PAS to create gripping copy
  • Create ‘Human-Written Like’ Content for Social Ads, Website/Ecommerce, Sales Pages, Blogs, Company Info. etc.
  • Save hours in writing time (500X faster than humans)
  • Save money (200X cheaper than humans)
  • 100% Original Content – each time you click on generate
  • Bring your copy to life using the Feature to Benefits convertor engine
  • AI generates copy in over 120+ Languages in just a few clicks
  • Set and easily change the tone for your copy (professional, academic, childish, mysterious, slang, etc)
  • No more writer’s block
  • No more copy that doesn’t convert
  • Team member access And so much more…

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

CopyBlocks – Who Is It For??

CopyBlocks works for the following:

  • Web designers
  • Video creators 
  • Social media managers 
  • Bloggers 
  • Ad creators 
  • Content Creators
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers

And absolutely ANYONE who wants to make tons of money online selling a high in-demand service…

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

CopyBlocks – Pros & Cons


The pros are obviously endless, but I’ll just mention a few;

  1. New-Age Technology.
  2. 50+ Copywriting Skills In 120+ Languages
  3. 24*7 Customer Support & Assistance
  4. Cloud-Based
  5. Robust Training & Tutorials
  6. Team Feature.
  7. 100% Cloud-Based.  
  8. Auto-Updating System.
  9. And many more


At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this software. Everything about CopyBlocks is simply awesome. You guessed right, I’m so in love with CopyBlocks and to be honest, there are no cons to point out. 

If you want to create content for businesses, be it as an agency or for personal use, then you need to hurry now and get this software. With CopyBlocks, you can create persuasively and highly converting copies in just a couple of minutes – WITHOUT any writing skill or experience. 

Therefore, on this note, I’ll say; CopyBlocks is a great solution and I highly recommend it. Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything outside that will be “BIAS!”

Go ahead and secure your access, your investment is SAFE & WISE, cheers!

Get ‘CopyBlocks’ With My Exclusive Bonuses Of Worth $4,995:

Bonus #1. 7 Days Product Creation Blueprint – Value $97

Making money online (or even offline) is all about selling! It’s either you are selling a product or a service. Selling a service will require you to first learn a skill before you can start getting people to pay you for it. 

On the other hand, creating a product has been a struggle especially for beginners until now… Create Your Own Digital Product In 7 Days!

This eCourse contains a turbo strategy showing how you can create your own digital product in 7 short days. No special skills are required, everything you need is laid out step by step in this course. And when you take action on this page today, you get your FREE instant access delivered within your account.

Bonus #2. 99000+ PLR ARTICLES – Value $97

Fill your eBooks or reports with content automatically regardless of your niche… Get instant access to a vault of 99,000+ premium PLR articles.

You can use or sell as-is, you can spin content from them, you can rebrand and sell as your own product, in fact, you get FULL rights to use them however you wish to.

Immediately you take action on this page today, you get it delivered right inside your members’ area.


Discover The Secret Strategy To Profitable & Effective ‘Outsourcing.’ Learn how the big boys do it . . . And Save Yourself Time & Money!

This course exposes a ninja approach to outsourcing that’ll save you both time and money and at the same time make you more productive. You’ll learn:

  • How to Know When You Should Outsource
  • How to Identify Projects for Outsourcing
  • Everyday Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing
  • Things to Consider Before Outsourcing
  • How to Avoid an Outsourcing Catastrophe
  • And more

Get your FREE access today, by taking action on this page!

Bonus #4. 100k Adsense Blueprint – Value $97

How to Start Earning CONSISTENTLY From Google Adsense Starting Today…

Google Adsense still remains one of the most popular and most lucrative ways people are making money online, you sure don’t want to be left out!

This course is a complete step by step blueprint and it’s a guaranteed recipe for success even for a granny, lol! 

Pick up CopyBlocks today, and get your FREE access IMMEDIATELY!

Bonus #5. 10 Tips For Effective Email Content – Value $97

Ten of the Top Tips For Writing Effective Email Content!

Nowadays when it comes to online marketing, and the Internet as a whole, so many people are being added to so many email lists. They’re being bombarded constantly by broadcasts, follow ups, and promotions. Before long – a lot of these people start to filter out these emails and stop trusting the art of emails all together.

The issue that a lot of marketers and list owners run into is that they just don’t quite know how to produce content for their email list that entices their subscribers to open, read, and take action.

This is because a lot of these marketers don’t take the time to learn the art of copy writing and even how to properly interact with their subscribers and their audience. They see their list as a profit machine and don’t treat the subscribers as humans, rather just numbers.

In this report, not only will you learn 10 top tips for writing effective email content, but you’ll also learn a few other additional tricks of the trade that can improve the quality of your list.

Bonus #6. Salespage Writer Software – Value $97

1-Click Software Gives You 100 Of The Best Copy and Paste Salespages You Can Instantly Use To Sell Your Products And Services.

If you have a product to sell or launch, having a persuasive copy will give you better conversation rate to your salespage.

The thing is that, if you are not good at copywriting, you might end up hiring someone to write it for you and the fact to this matter is that, hiring an expert in copywriting is expensive.

Have you ever wish that there would be a software that will instantly write a copy for your salespage? Well, inside this product is what you are looking for.

Bonus #7. Copywriting Automator – Value $97

Discover this incredible robot copywriting tool that builds your sales converting web pages just by filling in the blanks in minutes.

What this amazing software does:

  • Allows you to create sales letters by simply filling in the blanks (so you can churn out sales copies in just a fraction of the time you would normally take!)
  • Inputs the headline, sub-headline at strategic locations (so you can grab your prospects attention and make them read your offer!)
  • 100% compatible with ANY payment processor (so you never have to worry about not being able to receive payment!)
  • Extremely easy to integrate with Clickbank & Paypal – If you use Clickbank for your payment processor, you just have to insert your Clickbank ID and Product Number and the link will be created for you automatically. Likewise for Paypal!
  • Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every single sales letter you have to write ever! And much more!

Bonus #8. Copywriting Seminar Book – Value $97

Learn How to Do Copywriting from the Experts!

If you have been in the internet marketing industry for awhile now, you might already know how copywriting played a huge role in making sales to every online business.

The challenge now is that not all internet marketers are good in copywriting. The good news is that it can be learned if you want to.

Inside this ebook is a script taken from a live seminar which you can learn a lot on how to do copywriting effectively to your own business.

Bonus #9. Fail Proof Headlines – Value $97

Your headline sets the tone. It’s the first impression you make on your visitor, and it’s single-handedly the most important component of a successful sales page. 

A compelling headline captures attention and convinces people to continue reading every single word on your page until you have closed the deal. It persuades visitors into becoming customers, and makes believers out of the skeptics.

And if it’s done right, it has the power to transform a sales page into an incredible money-making machine.

This special report will provide you with the information you need to get started, while going back to the basics. Here you are going to find out some of the most effective strategies to creating successful headlines, even if you are brand new to copywriting.

Bonus #10. The Copywriter’s Handbook – Value $97

The ability to turn words into gold is probably the most important aspect of any marketer. If you can do this, it does not matter where you are in the world, you can make money from anywhere, anytime just from your words.

With this ebook you will learn everything you need to know about selling effectively on the internet.

Topics covered:

  • Basics Of Copywriting
  • Headline Essentials
  • USP vs. ESP
  • Call To Action
  • Handling Objections
  • Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
  • Swipe Files
  • Wrapping Up

Bonus #11. Copywriting Expert – Value $97

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of internet marketing. 

Once you get visitors to your site, you must depend largely on your sales copy to convert the visitors into customers.

Copywriting truly is an art, but have a checklist of important points is also helpful.

With this report learn all the known tactics about copywriting and how to become an effective content writer.

You will find out ‘must known’ copywriting secrets that guarantee success.

Bonus #12. 25 Squeeze Page Templates – Value $97

Get your hands on 25 professionally designed squeeze pages and watch your visitors start signing up for your offer.

25 Squeeze Page Templates will give you top-notch graphics, a proven layout, and simple suggestions you can follow to create compelling copy. You could see your traffic jump overnight! The templates are customizable so you can insert the content appropriate to your product or offer. All you have to do is follow the simple steps we will give you in each template.

Creating a squeeze page that looks sharp and actually converts is not as easy as many beginning Internet marketers might think. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’re giving you the tools. All you need to do is plug in your information and start directing traffic to your site.

In addition to using these templates for your own Internet marketing business, you can modify them and sell them to your list and keep 100% of the profits.

There is no reason at all to delay getting your copy of 25 Squeeze Page Templates.

Bonus #13. Boost Your Online Sales Video Upgrade – Value $97

The web makes it possible to connect with a gigantic audience of billions of people and to provide them with all kinds of products in an entirely automated matter.

With this 10-part video course you will discover how to boost your own product sales and build your audience.

Topics covered:

  • 5 Copywriting Tips to Convert More Visitors Into Customers 
  • 5 Easy Upgrades You Can Offer Customers to Maximize Your Profits 
  • 5 Ways to Boost Sales Using Instagram Stories 
  • 6 Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site to Boost Sales
  • Content is King
  • How to Get People to Talk About Your Product 
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Selling
  • How To Use Giveaways To Boost Your Online Sales
  • How to Use Webinars to Boost Online Sales
  • Online Sales Success

Bonus #14. Email Copy That Sells – Value $97

Tired of not seeing any response and sales from your list? Finally! Copy This Exact Email Tactics That Will Get More Clicks & ‘Opens’ From Every Single Email You Send Out To Your Subscribers!

Copywriting is an art. It’s a skill. If you know how to use the power of words effectively, then you can easily turn prospects into sales. So how are you going to do this?

Inside this report, you are about to learn the following information:

  • Injecting ‘POWER WORDS’ & Phrases into Your Email Copy
  • Using Specific and Numbers
  • Using Intrigue and Curiosity
  • The Power of Questions
  • Special Characters
  • The ‘CliffHanger Effect’
  • Start with a Strong Opening
  • Write with Excitement and Emotion
  • Scarcity, Deadlines and Limits
  • Focus on One Goal
  • The All Important Call-to-Action
  • Links that Motivate and Look Appealing
  • The First Link In Your Email Body
  • And so much more…

Bonus #15. How to use Affiliate Newsletters – Value $97

Learn How To Profitably Use Affiliate Newsletters to Increase Sales!

If you’ve already got your own affiliate program, are you sending out a regular newsletter to your affiliates? The only reason not to is the extra time it takes.

But here are the reasons why you do want to send your affiliates a newsletter on a regular basis. You can address any questions that seem to come up regularly. You can update affiliates on any new policy changes, new tools they can use, etc.

You can update affiliates on new product offerings, new contests. By staying in touch you stay in their minds, thereby reminding them to promote your products. Learn more inside…

Bonus #16. Copywriting Secrets From The Master – Value $97

Discover How To Turn Your Website Into An Overflowing Bank Account!

Hi. You’re listening to Terry Telford, and we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to talk to Dan Lok who is a master copywriter. Dan has produced 17.3 million dollars worth of sales for his clients and he’s created a website called quickturnmarketing.com. This website is basically a giant swipe file for anybody who wants examples of top-notch professional copywriting.

Dan’s strategies have actually helped hundreds of small businesses in 39 different industries to increase their sales as much as 417%. Dan’s also a publisher and co-author of The Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets of the World’s Greatest Copywriters. Dan’s also writing more books that are coming up in the very near future; you should keep an eye out to see what he’s coming up with.

He also produces an audio series called Wizard Talk, which is basically a who’s who of super savvy marketing and business personalities. This is an absolutely fantastic product as well. So without further ado, you won’t hear much more from me, I’d like to welcome you Dan and thank you very much for being here today.

Bonus #17. Testing And Tracking – Value $97

“Testing and Tracking” is a valuable resource to show you the specifics of the tests you’ll need to run and the tools you’ll have to have in order to assess the effectiveness of all kinds of variables, such as copywriting, advertising, giveaway offers, product pricing, and much more. You’ll learn exactly how to run a test and evaluate the results.

You’ll also learn what metrics all successful Internet marketers track and how they do it. You get the exact details of what you need to look for and how to organize the information. You’ll also discover five of the most important tools you need in order to grow your Internet business.

“Testing and Tracking” is a must-read for anyone getting started in the Internet marketing industry or wanting to develop an online business to its fullest potential. Get your copy today.

Honest Review & Get Exclusive Bonuses Worth $5,000
(Note: First 100 Spots Only)

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